CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Dark Shadows" is here!

There are people who have seen **Marvel’s The Avengers** 3 times already, making little time for **Dark Shadows, ** which opened at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery IMAX Theater last weekend. While grossing a respectable $28 million dollars, **Dark Shadows** lacks the buzz of previous Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaborations (**Ed Wood** **Sleepy Hallow**), despite a loving tribute to the old afternoon soap opera on ABC Network television.
**Dark Shadows** has its ups & downs. On a plus note, Director Tim Burton affection for the subject pays dividends for monster mavens, including cameos from Sir Christopher Lee, Alice Cooper and the original cast from the television soap opera. Sadly, this tribute to this unique soap opera drags in the second half and the fine line between comedy and terror loses its clever touch.
Cinema Dave could never get into the soap opera, "Dark Shadows," it just took too long to get scary.

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