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Susan Seidelman discusses the South Florida influence on life

One of the fringe benefits from Hurricane Wilma is
that it postponed the 19th Annual Riverwalk Blues
Festival until February. Given the success of the
recent festival, it is likely that the 20th Annual
Riverwalk Blues Festival will commence the weekend
after the Superbowl in 2007. This proves the old
adage that good things come to those who wait. As the
snows pile up in the North Country, it is nice to
drink from the land that houses the fountain of youth.

For the past ten years, Florence Seidelman has made
South Florida her home. The mother of famed movie
director Susan (“Desperately Seeking Susan” and
premier episode of “Sex and the City”) Seidelman,
Florence began writing about her experiences of the
South Florida community. These experiences became
know as the “Boynton Beach Bereavement Club” and the
74-year-old matriarch became a movie producer and
hired her daughter as the movie director. Retitled
“The Boynton Beach Club,” this film will debut in Palm
Beach County in mid March.

Beyond her mother’s influence, Susan Seidelman said,
in a telephone interview, that it was the themes of
rebirth and changing attitudes that makes “The Boynton
Beach Club” a topical movie;

“The Baby Boomers are now in their sixties and are
starting another chapter in their life. It is not the
old age of the past that we remember, but people are
now looking better, are athletic and are culturally
curious. Sixty is now the new forty!”

The casting features a who’s who from the 1960s, 70s
and 80s. Dyan Cannon plays a character whose wardrobe
tells a story that leaves little to the imagination.
Having not dated since the 1950s, Len Cariou portrays
a nice man with no domestic skills. Brenda Vaccaro
portrays a homemaker who suddenly loses her husband in
a car accident with a neighbor.

“The Boynton Beach Club” will focus on the importance
of rebounding from loss. Susan Seidelman comments,
“The loss is real and it is important not to forget,
but it is important to move on.”

Given the declining box office as of late, “The
Boynton Beach Club” appears to target the market of
ticket buyers who have nothing to see on the big
screen. Given the glut of teen and horror movies,
Susan Seidelman believes that Hollywood executives,

“Underestimate what people want to see.”

Filmed in West Palm Beach, Boynton and the Hollywood
Boardwalk, this local film will present adult life
beyond the gated community. Given the world of Soho
and the East Village that she presented in
“Desperately Seeking Susan” twenty years ago, perhaps
Susan Seidelman and her mother Florence will do the
same for our community with “The Boynton Beach Club”
next month, before hurricane season.
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