CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

PBiFF 17 "Violins in Wartime" plays at Mizner Sunday Afternoon

The fact that **PBiFF** returns to Mizner Park Cultural Cultural Arts Center is a major bonus to our local community. Formerly the **Cartoon Museum,** the screening room on the second floor will feature two fine documentaries about Jewish Culture Sunday afternoon, **Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story** and "Violins in Wartime."

Set against the backdrop of the second Lebanon war of 2006, "Violins in Wartime" features 2 master violin soloists teaching a music class to young Israel prodigies. Through the horrors of war, music provides solace for dark times.

This 50 minute documentary provides the intimate carpentry of Amnon Weinstein the Violin maker, the film's central character. Adding to the intimacy of the 4pm Sunday screening will be the appearance of Master Soloist Ida Haendel, one of the master soloists who taught the class.

For those who feel like venturing to Palm Beach Gardens or Lake Worth venues, visit the website for more details about screenings and events. Who knows ? One might see a local celebrity like the return of Eric the Doorman this year!

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