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PBiFF 17 Future History - CinemaDave

Apr. 11th, 2012 10:40 am PBiFF 17 Future History

In the past five years, **the Avengers** has easily become the most hyped comic book movie since the end credits of **Iron Man.** At the **2008 Palm Beach International Film Festival(PBiFF),** **Iron Man's** costar Sayed Badreya walked the red carpet promoting his short subject **Prisoners.**

This weekend Badreya will be seen as an orderly in **The Three Stooges.** Standing by my side on the red carpet was a Deerfield Beach High School student and photographer, Jeremy Emmerman. Look for Jeremy's name at the end credits of **The Avengers,** for he was one of the photographers.

Jeremy's story is just one example of how **PBiFF** impacts our community on a local level. Two years ago, **PBiFF** was rumored to be extinct, but last year's **PBiFF** revealed it's resiliency and outlasted two competing festivals. This year, the staff, board and volunteers took additional steps to be more inclusive with the community.

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