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PBiFF 17 A "Hamlet" Double Feature? - CinemaDave

Apr. 11th, 2012 10:14 am PBiFF 17 A "Hamlet" Double Feature?

In the 1938 Lockhart made her screen debut in **A Christmas Carol,** in which she played one of the Cratchit children. Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit were portrayed by June's real life parents, Gene and Kathleen Lockhart. Still active on the independent film circuit, June will be screening her latest film, **Zombie Hamlet,** which co stars Shelly (**Cheers**) Long.

Shakespeare's **Hamlet** will be veiwed through the eyes of Alex Hyde-White. Alex Hyde-White directs and stars in **Three Days (of Hamlet),** a documentary about a stage production of **Hamlet.** In 3 days he confronts young actors with ADD and the ghost of his own father, British Character actor Wilfrid Hyde-White.

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