CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Rondo Hatton Watch: Inner Sanctum "Calling Dr. Death"

Weary portraying characters who wore lots of Jack Pierce make-up, Lon Chaney Jr. starred in Universal's anthology series, "Inner Sanctum," based a radio drama created by Simon & Shuster.

In this flick, Lon portrays a henpecked "doctor of the mind." His shrewish wife dies and the doctor is the number one suspect, in the eyes of J. Carroll Naish. Fortunately Lon has a loyal nurse portrayed by Patricia Morrison, who would later become a Grand Dame of Broadway with the opening of "Kiss Me Kate."

There are patches of dullness, mixed with some effective film noir camera work. Lon's character has a brief grief, followed by montage of flirtation with Patricia Morrison.

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