CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Cinema Dave meets Alice Cooper, Round 2 - What his kids are doing 2 years later

It has been years since my interview with Alice Cooper and his time has been productive, The Alice Cooper Band made the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and **Welcome 2 My Nightmare** became his most successful album since the 1980s. Yet Vincent Furnier's (Alice's original name) most satisfying experience may be personal; especially regarding his daughter Sonora's acquisition of her driving license;

"She is one of the best drivers I've ever seen. In school she was the more timid kid, less aggressive of my three kids. She is now a freshman in college and drives herself to school"

Oldest daughter Calico is part of the ensemble comedy troupe **Groundlings** and is making a niche for herself in independent movies. His son Dashiell recently married a beautiful blond he met on the hockey rink; Dashiell hit a slap-shot and his future wife, Morgan, was the goalie.

(Video from the "Theater of Death" concert - October 2009)

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