CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Melencholia" is artistically apocalypotic

Told in two parts, **Melencholia** opens with the story of "Justine," (Kirsten Dunst), a bride who is late for her elaborate wedding reception in a stately mansion. John (Keifer Sutherland) complains about the cost of the wedding, while Gaby (Charlotte Rampling) complains about everything. Justine is supported by her sister Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg - the daughter of the recently reviewed **Gainsbourg - A Heroic Life**).

Claire's story dominates the second part of the story. As the wedding ends in a shambles, the planet Melencholia is on a collision course with planet earth. Given his knowledge of science, John poo poos the notion about the end of the world, Claire is neurotic, but Justine seems pacified by these events.

Given the serious drama, **Melencholia** moves at a snail's pace, which is broken up by the humor generated by John Hurt and Charlotte Rampling. Technically, **Melencholia** is an impressive art film with visual nods to French Impressionism. Dunst manifests her melencholia with a brave and naked performance.

While the subtext of ***Happy Feet Two** deals with global warming
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