CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Creative Horror" with Cinema Dave

Upon arrival, Cinema Dave felt intimidated hosting a panel titled, "Creative Horror."

Given the artistic and entertainment achievements that Cinema Dave had witnessed on so many levels, who was he to talk about "creativity."

Yet, the show must go one and Cinema Dave asked his audience, "WHY ARE YOU HERE?"
One audience member actually said, "We wanted to see Cinema Dave!"

Cinema Dave warned his audience that panel would not be creative, but more of a social studies class inspired by David Sklar's "The Monster Show."

Cinema Dave talked about the influence of the Carnival Freak show upon Tod Browning. Browning went on to direct some of Lon Chaney Sr.'s most audacious silent features featuring circus freaks, maimed individuals and violent conclusions.

During the 1940s through the 1960s, special effects and war time propaganda ruled the day, with a critical analysis of the 1943 classic, "Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man."

The 1970s feature a renaissance, with elements of Terror and Horror being combined.
Among the 4 most representative films of that time included'
1, "Night of the Living Dead."
2. "The Exorcist"
3. "The Wicker Man."
4 " Carrie."

The 1980s arrived with excess combined with Brothers Grimm morals that "Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll" lead death by Jason Voorhees!

The audience shared four themes of horror that have surfaced in the twenty first century;
1. The young today have become zombies, both elementary and high school
2. The terrible revelation that
"In the end, you never really had a chance."
3. The most memorable horror movies are about hopelessness.
4. One's body breakdown or mental breakdown is the most personal horror of all.

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