CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Saviors in the Night," is a slice of history seldom told....

Located on the Florida Atlantic University campus on 777 Glades Road in Boca Raton, **The Living Room Theater** will be celebrating their one year anniversary next month. Given these rough economic times, **The Living Room** has managed to negotiate a unique partnership between the bureaucracy of education and the demands of private industry. **The Living Room Theater** has triumphed by supplying culturally diverse motion pictures to our community.

Based on the Best-selling Memoir **”Retter in der nacht** by Marga Spiegel, **Saviors of the Night** is a film that will find an audience within our community. Directed by Ludi Boeken, **Saviors in the Night** is an 100 minute about a German farmers who hid Jews targeted for extinction by Adolph Hitler from 1943 thru 1945.

**Saviors in the Night** opens in the trenches of World War I, in which young Jewish soldier, Menne Spiegel earns the German Cross of Iron for his heroics in the trenches of battle. The film flash forwards and Menne is hunted by the German government that honored him twenty five years previously.

Now with a wife Marga (Veronica Ferres) and child, Menne (Armin Rohde) has knowledge of family members being sent to concentration camps. For safety’s sake, the mother and child split from the father. After making a simple request for sanctuary, Menne leaves his wife and child with Herr Aschoff (Martin Horn), a German patriot whose son is fighting for the Nazis/

Up to this point, **Saviors in the Night** is a gritty war film with echoes of **Swindler’s List,** **The Pianist** and **The Diary of Anne Frank.** Yet **Saviors in the Night** provides a different perspective of German individuals who are not Nazis. Despite their political leanings, the Aschoff family have the humanity to treat Menne’s family with dignity and respect. While the Nazi threat never dissipates, **Saviors in the Night** celebrates the domestic joys that enrich our lives.

One particular scene stands out for it’s cultural symbolism. As Frau Aschoff bathes in a bathtub, she invites Marga to join her. While modern audiences might interpret it as lesbianism, the scene represents the subtle baptism of two women washing away the ghosts of the cultural past.

**Saviors in the Night** is triumphant of individual actions over entrenched ideology. Given political current events and news, boy do we need more stories about Aschoff, Pentrop, Sudfield, Silkenbohmer and Sickmann families to remind us how to be **Saviors** in our community.
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