CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Captain America The First Avenger" is the best Avenger movie yet!

Earlier this year, **Superman** renounced his US citizenship, claiming to be a citizen of the world. A product of the DC Comic book universe, Superman seemed to forget that he was fighting for “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” Seeking public relations leverage, Marvel Comics has unleashed **Captain America the First Avenger,** which is one of the most patriotic movies to be released in a decade. The American public rewarded **Captain America** with a impressive non holiday box office gross of 65 million dollars.

While **Captain American the First Avenger** is a stand alone motion picture, it is part of the series of Marvel Comics movies released since 2008, (**Iron Man** **The Incredible Hulk,** **Thor**) that will lead to next Summer’s first blockbuster in May 2012 , **The Avengers.** Of all of the recent Marvel Motion Picture Heroes, **Captain America** is easily the most likable.

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is the runt of Brooklyn, who wants to serve America during World War II. Despite the protests of Colonel Chester Philips (Tommy Lee Jones), research Professor Erskine (Stanley Tucci) sees a good heart in Steve Rogers and recruits the scrappy Dodgers fan for a special scientific experiment. With Howard Stark’s (Dominic Cooper) technical influence, ** the experiment is a success and Steve Rogers becomes known as Captain America.

First used as a propaganda tool, Captain America comes under the radar of the Red Skull (Hugh Weaving), a villain who takes up where Adolph Hitler left off. As the Red Skull plots the destruction of America, Captain America recruits the Howling Commandos and kicks some Nazi butt.

Given his work with **The Rocketeer,** **October Sky** and **Jurassic Park III,** director Joe Johnson is the perfect director to bring both the spectacle and sensitivity to **Captain America the First Avenger.** The colorful cinematography features shots composed with clarity, this new Marvel Comic movie is a visual treat. The big band music is an aural treat for the ears.

The ensemble of actors are having fun with this motion picture. Tommy Lee Jones’s fast talking delivery has audiences howling with laughter. As **Iron Man’s** Daddy, Domic Cooper has fine time doing an impression of his fictional son, Robert Downey Jr. Yet, **Captain America the First Avenger** is Chris Evans’ movie and the movie thrives because of his sincere performance. **Captain America** is what a Summer Saturday Matinee blockbuster should be.
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