CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Bride Flight" - a romance in Hobbit town

When **Roots**became a ratings winner in the winter of 1977, miniseries dominated broadcast television until the assimilation of cable television. Opening tomorrow in local theaters, **Bride Flight** has the feeling of being like miniseries similar to the Emmy Winning **The Thorn Birds.** **Bride Flight** is epic that is multilingual with gorgeous cinematography featuring the New Zealand countryside.

The film opens with the beautiful death of Frank (Rutger Hauer), whose funeral is attended by three diverse women of Dutch heritage. **Bride Flight** flashbacks to 1953 when these three World War II survivors take a flight that wins a trans continental race from Europe to New Zealand.

The three woman are a diverse bunch. Esther (Anna Drijver) is a Holocaust survivor who masks her Jewish ethnicity, Due to an inconvenient a pregnancy, Esther gives her child to the happily married, but barren Marjorie (Elise Schaap). Marjorie and Esther’s stories intertwine in both tragic and humorous ways. The third bride is Ada (Karina Smulders), a woman who develops a crush on young Frank (Waldemar Torenstra), who is establishing a new wine business.

Slow paced with a rambling, but interesting narrative flow, **Bride Flight** should appeal to the audience weary of **Transformers,** **Cars** and **Pirates.** **Bride Flight** is like reading an engrossing book while sipping red wine under the sunset.

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