CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

How to Live Forever

With the Buck’s 30 year Class Reunion on the horizon on August 19th (A block of rooms has been reserved for DBHS Class of 81 at the special rate of $79.00 at the Hilton Deerfield Beach (I-95 and Hillsboro with free shuttle service to and from Deer Creek Country Club. Call 1-800-624-3606 and ask for the DEERFIELD BEACH HIGH SCHOOL Class of '81 group rate and make reservations before 7/20/2011), this columnist has been contemplating the crossroads of middle age. This is why a movie titled **How to Live Forever** takes on additional meaning.

Opening tomorrow, **How to Live Forever** is an upbeat documentary about sucking the marrow out of life, even when the opening segment features the Funeral Director’s Convention in Las Vegas.

The son of Oscar winning cinematographer Haskel Wexler, writer/director/host Mark Wexler has created a quirky documentary about the meaning of life on planet Earth. From nursing homes in rural America to the peaceful gardens of Okinawa, Wexler discovers that the meaning of life is to enjoy life.

Wexler learns many life lessons, samples exotic low calorie food and is given a lesson in “Laughing Yoga,” which is worth the price of admission. Of course, the ** the Today Show’s** Willard Scott will be involved in such a project, Phyllis Diller delivers some zingers about senior citizen birth control and writer Ray Bradbury discusses the importance of passion. While **How to Live Forever** wraps up on a somber note
(dealing with Mark Wexler’s grief over the loss of his artist/mother), the closing credits concludes on a upbeat, optimistic note.
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