CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"X-Men First Class" rises up to preconceived notions

The Bucks 30 Year class reunion has been set, with an informal get-together at Bru’s Room on Friday August 19. The formal/informal reception is confirmed for August 20, 2011 from 7-11PM at Deer Creek Country Club, with dinner, open bar, music. This is quite an achievement considering that the world almost ended before my classmates and I were born. The Cuban Missile Crisis and the JFK Assassination weighs heavily upon our prenatal and post natal years. The Cuban Missile Crisis is an important plot point in the recent box office champion, **X Men First Class.**

Given that **X-Men First Class** is a reboot/origin story, producer Lauren Shuler Donner and Bryan Singer acknowledges the preconceived notions of the fan base. Like the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962; the audience knows the final results, the suspense derives from the mystery of the moments.

In this case, we learn why old friends Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto
(Michael Fassbender) become arch enemies. We learn how the Xavier School of Gifted Youngsters work in partnership with the American Government. We uncover the reason why Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) likes to walk around naked in her scaly blue skin.

Much like the original **X-Men,** this science fiction parable opens in stark seriousness, Erik Lehnsherr (the future Magneto) is dragged into the gates of Auschwitz. Lehnsherr’s metal manipulation ability comes into focus of Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), a German scientist who believes that mutants are the next step of human evolution. Adopting the methods of the Nazis, Shaw tortures Lehnsherr, who spends the rest of the movie plotting revenge.

Shot in the style of a Sean Connery/James Bond adventure, **X-Men First Class** is an entertaining epic from beginning to end. It contains a globe trotting narrative that avoids a major pet peeve of this film columnist; this showdown culminates during broad daylight in wide opens spaces. Since 1997, it seems as if most big budgeted motion Summer releases save their climatic scenes for night time in claustrophobic settings.

The success of the **X-Men** franchise are the multidimensional characters. From the first **X-Men** film, the sides of good and evil were easily drawn. Director/coWriter Matthew Vaughn reverses these expectations and finds a way to find a satisfying conclusion, even though we all know the ending. A clever cameo links all five movies in the **X-Men** canon.

Granted there is free drama on television as Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat strive to reclaim their NBA Championship, however, take the time to see **X-Men First Class** at a matinee price.
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