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"Ceremony," a touch of Gatsby - CinemaDave

Apr. 30th, 2011 04:47 pm "Ceremony," a touch of Gatsby

Written and directed by Max Winkler, **Ceremony** is the kind of movie that most film makers don't make anymore. Children's writer Sam (Michael Angarano) tricks his friend Marshall (Reece Thompson) into driving to Eastern Long Island. What is first promoted as a youthful road trip, becomes a journey towards obsession. Sam wants to disrupt the wedding of the love of his life, Zoe (Uma Thurman).

Given that Sam is in his twenties and Zoe is in her forties, **Ceremony** is as an odd movie with allusions to F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jonathan Ames. There is much situational humor and **Ceremony** features the ensemble performances, especially the anguish of Michael Angarano. Angarano's Sam makes the convincing transition from fake Marlboro Man look-a-like to that of man child who finally becomes an adult.

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