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"Fast 5" at the IMAX - CinemaDave

Apr. 30th, 2011 04:15 pm "Fast 5" at the IMAX

Forget last summer's girlie man movies like **Prince of Persia** and **Sex and the City 2** with **Fast 5's** opening gross of 83 million dollars, the Summer 2011 blockbuster season has begun! Currently screening on the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery's IMAX 60 foot screen, **Fast 5** has the energy, action and humor that is expected from a Summer blockbuster.

While some of the action sequences have a taint of Attention Deficient Disorder Editing, the stunt work, car chases and heists are well directed. The climatic fight between Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson and Vin Diesel does not disappoint, but it is the quiet moments that will resonate. In particular when Vin Diesel's outlaw character reminisces about going to church with his father and the Sunday afternoon barbecues for the neighborhood.

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