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Lent Day 40 "ClockWork Hobo" presents "My Monster" in May - CinemaDave

Apr. 17th, 2011 10:18 am Lent Day 40 "ClockWork Hobo" presents "My Monster" in May

"My Monster" is an original work written by Bill Corbett
(writer for Rifftrax, and Mystery Science Theatre 3000)

Joseph Scrimshaw
(A veteran of the Minneapolis Fringe)
that will be staged for the first time at the Orlando Fringe.

The show is about a Screenwriter whose lecture unravels when the character he has created becomes both his nemesis and his conscience by taking on a life of his own. "My Monster" stars Philip Nolen (who was last seen at Fringe 15 years ago) and Will Hagaman (Crimes of the Heart, Garden Theatre) as the screenwriter and his creation respectively.

"My Monster" is directed by Meghan Moroney,
and produced by "ClockWork Hobo"

"ClockWork Hobo,"
whose ranks include Ms. Moroney, Ryan Gigliotti, and Jennifer Christa Palmer.
Blue Venue, 55 minute running time, $9. Dates and Times:
5/20 FRI 9:20PM
5/22 SUN 12:00PM
5/23 MON 7:50PM
5/25 WED 7:05PM
5/26 THU 11:55PM
5/27 FRI 8:35PM
5/29 SUN 2:45PM

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