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Lent Day 31 The Political Activism of Cinema Dave - CinemaDave

Apr. 8th, 2011 11:27 am Lent Day 31 The Political Activism of Cinema Dave

Cinema Dave was spotted at Pleasure Island.
He could not resist crossing the chains and letting people know about the Shrine formerly known as the ADVENTURERS CLUB!!!

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Date:April 13th, 2011 11:21 pm (UTC)


Wish we were all hanging out with the Col saying that! Its a good feeling to know 3 years after they shuttered it that the building is still there. Maybe they will come to thier senses and open it back up. I miss drinking with Arnie and Claude.
Date:April 13th, 2011 11:25 pm (UTC)

Re: Kungaloosh!


Say "Hi!" to Nash!
Date:April 13th, 2011 11:41 pm (UTC)

Re: Kungaloosh!

Thanks you for visiting my blog, I hope we can have other people cross the chains and start a video viral campaign!