CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

LENT DAY 21 "Another Harvest Moon" includes a visit with Ernest and Doris

There is just too much happening these days in our cinematic neighborhood!
No fooling, this Saturday evening, 90 year old Ernest Borgnine will romance Ray Romano’s Mama (Doris Roberts) this weekend at Cinema Paradiso. Both Borgnine and Roberts will attend the screening of their new movie, **Another Harvest Moon.**

Sent in a nursing home, **Another Harvest Moon** examines the aging process and the effects upon the family. While the subject is serious, life affirming humor rules the day. Besides Borgnine and Roberts, this fine ensemble cast features Piper Laurie, Anne Meara, Cybil Shepherd and Amber Benson. Already there is Oscar buzz for Borgnine’s performance. Besides Cinema Paradiso, **Another Harvest Moon** will also be screened at the Living Room Theater on the FAU campus.
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