CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

2004 Best Animated Feature: "The Incredibles"

As the 70 million dollar opening weekend has shown,
"The Incredibles" is a critic proof movie. From the
team that bought you "Toy Story," "Monsters Inc"
and "Finding Nemo," Walt Disney Pixar Studios have
produced their sixth winner with "The Incredibles."
The Disney-Pixar animation productions date better
than their arch rival, Dreamworks Animations. With
the exception of the original "Shreck," Dreamworks
Animation produces feature movies that embedded by pop
culture references that may not seem funny ten years
from now.

Yet the marriage between Disney and Pixar is not a
happy one. Like an old bosch belt comedy team from
the Catskills, these two corporate entities has been
feuding in the courts. Despite this conflict, both
executive teams seem to realize that it is better to
stay married than live apart.

"The Incredibles" is the most adult animation
feature because the subtext deals with sophisticated
anxieties. Mr. Incredible is a typical superhero from
the 1950's breed. Chisel chinned, muscular and faster
than a speeding bullet, Mr. Incredible feels weary.
Everytime he saves the world, someone always comes
along and puts the world back in danger. When lawyers
begin winning lawsuits against Mr. Incredible and his
colleagues, the Superheroes are forced to enter a
Federal Witness Relocation Program.

While trying to live the life domestic, Mr. Incredible
must deal with the everyday pressures of paying the
mortgage and raising two teenagers. Formerly known as
Elastic Girl, Mrs. Incredible uses her talent to keep
the house and to settle the constant bickering between
Dash and Violet. Dash is a speedster and Violet has
the ability to become invisible and develop force

Stricken with a shallow life, Mr. Incredible longs for
the good old days. Sitting with his old chum Frozone,
Mr. Incredible cheats on his wife by listening to the
police scanner and preventing crime. One day, Mr.
Incredible is given a message that he is needed to
save the world. Despite being out of shape and
against Elastic Girl's wishes, Mr. Incredible
undertakes the perilous assignment.

The film does drag at points,
but it is saved by clever satire and funny set pieces.
One well executed gag involves Elastic Girl
sneaking into the villain's headquarters. After
stretching through 3 hallways and getting stuck in 3
doors, the anticipation of a snapping payoff is
fulfilled with the comedic timing of Jim Carrey.

Unlike the dramatic death in "Finding Nemo" or the
tears induced by the end of "Monster's Inc," "The
Incredibles" maintains a comedic tone. Clocking in
at nearly two hours, "The Incredibles" is longest
computer generated films ever. While kids might get a
bit restless toward the end, adults seem to
enjoy this cartoon.
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