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A "Thriller" conclusion - CinemaDave

Feb. 13th, 2011 10:09 pm A "Thriller" conclusion

Word of mouth has kept the legend of "Thriller" alive, how well did this series hold up after an actual viewing? Once getting beyond some of the contemporary clunkers, "Thriller" surpassed expectations.

While it was fun to see Richard Chamberlain, William Shatner and Mary Tyler Moore in some of their first roles, one is quite impressed by how some character actors shine in this series. Even in the smallest of roles, Henry Daniell presence provides a gothic dose of reality. As an erudite sociopath, Edward Andrews carves his own niche in television rogues gallery.

As people from the World War II Generation look at the Summer of '41 as the last time of innocence, Baby Boomers may have felt the same way from 1960-1962. When "Thriller" ran it's last episode during the Summer of '62, in a few months the Cuban Missile, Crisis almost preempted Halloween that year. One year after the last episode of "Thriller," President Kennedy died on television.

Perhaps the terror of "Thriller" could no longer compete with the reality of television news.


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