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"Thriller" 29 The Lethal Ladies - CinemaDave

Feb. 13th, 2011 10:08 pm "Thriller" 29 The Lethal Ladies

Given that she directed the first episode of "Thriller" which featured multiple stories, it seems appropriate that Ida Lupino's "Thriller" curtain call would feature two stories for the price of one.

"Murder on the Rocks" features a cheating husband and her very competent wife in their mountain retreat.

"Goodbye, Dr. Bliss" is a relevant story for March 31,2011.
A loyal librarian is passed over for a promotion. The mean Dr. Bliss takes over the library and starts causing people to lose their jobs. Given that this is a "Thriller," one can predict the satisfying ending.

Both episodes feature duel performances from Howard Morris and Rosemary Murphy, who have good chemistry. Boris Karloff provides the coda, which may have been an inspiration to Quentin Taratino's method of movie plotting.

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