CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Biutiful" features a fine, but depressing, performance by Javier Bardem

While nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. **Biutiful** will be remembered for the Best Performance nomination of Javier Bardem, It is the first time that a performance entirely in the Spanish Language has been nominated for an Academy Award and as Uxbal, Bardem is given a complicated role as a father, husband, underworld broker and cancer patient. Bardem pulls off this complexity and is likely to give Jeff Bridges and Colin Firth a run for the golden idol.

Set in the black market district of Barcelona Spain, Uxbal helps sweatshops find cheap labor. Neglecting his health, Uxbal untreated prostate cancer spreads to his liver, making his prognosis terminal. A single father with two children, Uxbal contemplates their future with their bi polar mother. Despite his best intentions, Uxbal confronts consistent failure with every action.

**Biutiful** is one of the most depressing movies released since the Bush Administration. It is a family movie about important things that are not said. Yet there are moments of pure family joy between a son, a daughter, an estranged mother and a callow, but responsible father. It these tragic and tender movie that gives **Biutiful** a heart that will haunt the ticket buyer days after the movie concludes.

For those seeking a more uplifting experience, The Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery IMAX theater opens their new documentary, **The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D** this weekend. Mixing Oceanography and surfing, **The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D** seeks to explain the confluence of natural forces that control wave creation in the oceans.

Surfer celebrity Kelly Slater challenges Tahiti’s most extreme surf break known as Teahupo’o. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the famed Teahupo’o is widely regarded as being on the 'must-surf' list of every real surfer.

Fortunately, Deerfield Beach neighbors have local surfing legend, Kali "da Big Kahuna" Montero, who will be offering surfing demonstration at the Museum. Before the afternoon screenings, Kali will talk about the history of surfing and Tahitian dance. Between shows, there will be a Polynesian Dancing Show produced by the Polynesian Proud company, along with arts, crafts and Poi tasting.

**The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3 D** is quite a contrast from **Biutiful.** Yet in South Florida, we take for granted the festivities offered locally. Yet if one sees the poverty presented in a film like **Biutiful,** one appreciates how good we have it in the gold old U.S.A.
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