CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Cool It" will prove to be an inconvenient truth

Four years ago, Vice President Al Gore’s film, **An Inconvenient Truth** swept the awards circuit and won the Oscar for Best Documentary. For some public school teachers, **An Inconvenient Truth** became part of their science curriculum.

Like the folk tale of **Chicken Little,** many individuals accepted the premise of **An Inconvenient Truth** without checking the facts. Bjorn Lomborg, the author of **The Skeptical Environmentalist, ** and filmmaker Ondi Timoner debunk some of the Al Gore’s pessimistic images with their own common sense documentary **Cool It,** which opens tomorrow at local movie theatres.

In all fairness, **Cool It** does acknowledge Ralph Nader and the former Vice President’s contribution to the debate about global warming. However Bjorn Lomborg and Ondi Timoner elevate the intelligence of the debate with both pragmatic and practical solutions to the problem.

In particular, Lomborg decries the scare tactics used by educational bureaucracies. Director Ondi Timoner presents this thesis in both a humorous and startling way. When asked to draw a picture of their future, students in Nairobi children drew pictures of families and cars, British students drew pictures of the upcoming apocalypse caused by global warming.

The images of polar bears drowning became the clarion call for **An Inconvenient Truth, ** yet **Cool It** reveals that the demise of polar bears has more to do with hunters than global warming. In Al Gore’s world, Hurricane Katrina was presented as the harbinger of bad times ahead due to global warming. From Professor Lomborg’s perspective, Hurricane Katrina was another example of how humanity fails to adapt to their environment. **Cool It** reveals a similarity between the levee’s that were breach in New Orleans with dams that were flooded in Holland at roughly the same time.

Lomborg and Timoner also confront the fuzzy economics of our world leaders. When President Obama attended the Copenhagen Conference with the words,
“I have come to act--“– the only action was pure global warming, political hot air. **Cool It** also debunks Obama’s “Cap & Trade” policies and reveals how China and India’s environmental economics has advanced without Cap & Trade. I

In contrast to hidden utility fees within American taxation, Lomborg and Timoner present an entrepreneurial approach towards the subject, such as developing fuel from waste water and algae. **Cool It** will prove to be an inconvenient truth to the science community that has allowed their avocation to be hijacked by the political alarmists.
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