CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

The complicated "Syriana" suffers from an Oliver Stone complex...

"Syriana" is a deliberately complicated movie about
passive aggressive terrorism. Acts of violence occur
and the wrong people get hurt. The film's narrative
shifts from George Clooney to Matt Damon and the
sinister Christopher Plummer. Eventually Tim Blake
Nelson shows up as a Washington D.C. insider and
provides the audience the core assertion of "Syriana”

"Corruption? Corruption is our protection! Corruption
keeps us safe and warm! Corruption is why you and I
are prancing around in here instead of fighting over
scraps of meat out in the streets! Corruption... is
why we win!" "

“Syriana" had the potential to be a
thought provoking contemporary political action
thriller. Instead, the producers fall into the Oliver
Stone School of Conspiracy Theory and just provide
obvious problems about today's woes. The producers
seem so self absorbed with American guilt that cannot
propose constructive solutions. While wallowing in
misery, "Syriana'” succeeds. Clooney earned his
Golden Globe Best Supporting award as a CIA operative
who gets tortured.
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