CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

FLiFF 25 Iain Scollay's "The Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia,"

Opening Thursday, October 14, Iain Scollay's **The Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia,** a consistently fascinating documentary that marries the myth, legend and facts raised by David Lean's classic motion picture, **Lawrence of Arabia.** Scollay raises the question, “How would a T.E. Lawrence fit into the current middle east culture?“

T.E. Lawrence adapted the Arab culture and led insurgency attacks against the Ottoman Empire War machine. His field leadership is military legend, but his victories were tampered by the international politics of France and England. As a man, Lawrence was destroyed by watching his Arab allies be betrayed by career bureaucrats.

**The Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia,** makes the case that the seeds of hatred for Western Culture may have grew from these actions. Of course the Iraq War is mentioned in this documentary. During man on the street interviews with a camera, the Iraqis reveal that they do not want “the American occupiers” in their homeland. Yet, as an American soldier liaison says;
“The fact that the people can say this on the street in front of
a camera is victory within itself.“
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