CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

FLiFF 25 " Gerrymandering "

As early voting begins on October 18th, one would be advised to see the documentary **Gerrymandering** opening Tuesday, October 12 at Cinema Paradiso. With quotes from both Presidents Obama and Reagan, Director Jeff Reichert respectfully involves both Rebublican and Democratic leaders about this unAmerican practice. **Gerrymandering** is the redistricting of electoral boundaries to effect voter outcome.

With humorous instruction, Reichert recounts how his little documentary about Texas Gerrymandering, grew into a two year production of national importance. **Gerymandering** features Govenor Arnold Swarzenegger's support of Kathay Feng's push for Proposition 11, a California ballot initiative that will put a nonpartisan citizen committee in charge of redistricting. If California can pass Proposition 11, why not Florida?

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