CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Edgar Allen Poe and Vincent Price

For those who seek to comprehend the heart of darkness, The Broward County Libraries Division, the Florida Center for the Book and the National Endowment for the Arts kicks off **The Big Read: Great Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe.** Since 2006, the Broward County Libraries Division has earned the right to celebrate **The Big Read** through individual libraries' cultural involvement. On September 30 at 7:30 PM, the Percy White Deerfield Beach Branch will present a special English Cafe edition with a focus on Poe.On October 20, teens (age 15 and up) are invited to share their own short stories in the vein of **Tale of Terror.**

Besides book giveaways for program attendance, there will be a traveling literary adaptation performed by Duffy Hudson. **In the Shadow of the Raven,** Edgar Allen Poe rises from the scene of his mysterious death and attempts to piece together his forty years of confused life. Mixing biographical information with art, the actor will reveal how personal **Annabel Lee** **The Tell Tale Heart** and **The Raven** was to this tragic author. Stop by your local library and pick up the brochure that lists the dates and times for this free theatrical event.

Why do we celebrate the works of a man whose life was filled with such misery and despair? The legend of Poe is a cautionary tale about ones own inner demons. Perhaps if you have control your inner monster, perhaps the person sitting next to you does not have as much control of their dark side. This is one of the many lessons presented by Edgar Allen Poe.

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