CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Public Domain Horror The Monster Walks

"The Monster Walks" is a 60 minute routine programmer from 1932.The plot involves a late mad scinetist, a creepy looking mansion and an unhappy ape named Yogi. After his dark introduction early in the motion picture, Yogi is heard squealing off camera at inappropriate times.

In Denis Gifford's "A Pictorial History of Horror Movies," "The Monster Walks" opens his chapter titled "The Curse of the "B" People." Promoted as "Greater than "Frankenstein" say the critics," none of the critics were actually attributed to this quote (page146). With a black butler who trips over a polar bear skinned rug to multiple offscreen terror, Mischa Auer is the top billed star of this unintentional comedy. Nowadays, the closing lines about "The Darwinian Theory" would be offensive to modern sensibilities on all sides of the political fence.
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