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Public Domain Horror ? "The World Gone Mad" - CinemaDave

Aug. 21st, 2010 08:30 am Public Domain Horror ? "The World Gone Mad"

Released in 1933 at the height of the Great Depression, "The World Gone Mad" opens with a shot of the Empire State Building. One is reminded what a remarkable acheivement this structure was and is. The first line of dialogue is from Louis Calhern, a man who made a career playing a financial heel. Calhern puts into motion a stock fraud scheme that involves J. Carroll Naish. Leave it to crusading news paper reporter Pat O'Brien to un cover the truth. Given the bank's meltdown in 2008, "The World Gone Mad" is rather timely.

"The World Gone Mad" is public domain, but it does not belong in a horror collection. This would be a movie that Count Floyd from SCTV, Second City Television, would make excuses for. Ooohh, scary stuff.

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