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Public Domain Horror Swamp Women - CinemaDave

Aug. 21st, 2010 08:28 am Public Domain Horror Swamp Women

In "Big House USA," Broderick Crawford, Lon Chaney Jr. and Ralph Meeker lead a group of criminals out of prison in search of loot. In "Swamp Women," Marie Windsor, Beverly Garland and Carole Matthews lead the Nardo gang into the New Orleans swamp in search of diamonds.

There are plenty of montages featuring swamp creatures such as aligators and snakes. Two blondes of the Nardo game fist fight each other when resting at a camp site. The film also features the future "Mannix," (Mike Connnors) who gets abducted by the nardo Gang.

The best scene involves a greedy Swamp Woman (who happens to be an expert marksmen) hiding in a tree, waiting to get the drop on her former compatriots. Mike Connors (who is billed "Touch" Connors) is tied to the tree. Suddenly a rattlesnake appears....

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