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Public Domain Horror "Doomed to Die" - CinemaDave

Aug. 17th, 2010 09:52 am Public Domain Horror "Doomed to Die"

Boris Karloff portrayed Mr. Wong one final time in "Doomed to Die," with his costars Marjorie Reynolds as Mr. Wong's feminine Boswell or Watson.

"Doomed to Die" opens with spectacular footage as a burning cruise liner pulls into port. At least 400 people die and the shipping mogul, Cyrus Wentworth feels guilty. After setting up many subplots, Mr. Wentworth feels dead. Mr. Wong is summoned to investigate and 68 minutes later, the murderer is captured.

Karloff does not make his entrance until "Doomed to Die" is one quarter complete. Mr. Wong's scenes are shot within a studio with stock footage of car chases in the streets of San Francisco. An infrared camera that is used to detect the words written on a burned document.

It is strictly 1940s formula detective drama, but the performances of marjorie reynolds, Grant Withers and karloff make "Doomed to Die" a sweet little gem.

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