CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"La Soga" will rope you in

In one of the most anticipated showdowns in recent memory, Sylvester
Stallone’s **Expendables** spanked Julia Robert’s **Eat Pray Love** at the box office. **The Expendables** proves that the live action film genre is alive and well in American film.

Which is a good thing considering how competitive the foreign language market has become with the action genre. The Dominican Republic has produced their first action flick, **La Soga** which follows the convention of the lone action hero while retaining a sense of Latin American cultural identity. **La Soga** contains a verdant visual pallet that could substitute as a commercial for the Dominican Republic tourist agency. The brutal action, which includes the slaughtering of animals, contradicts this garden of Eden scenery.

Following in the footsteps of Stallone, Manny Perez wrote an interesting part for himself as **La Soga,* the film’s leading character. ***La Soga** (English translation = The Rope) is a term used to humanely euthanatize a pig. La Soga has become an executioner for a secret policy society that eliminates drug pushers, as humanely as possible.

The son of a murdered butcher, La Soga has developed a stoic attitude to his profession. As he is reprimanded for not executing a well known drug thug, La Soga learns about the internal corruption of his own employers. Will La Soga take action in his own hands? Of course he will, after all he is not a girly man.
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