CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Public Domain Horror "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" or "The Head that Wouldn't Die?"

The film begins with the title "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" and concludes with a different title, "The Head that Wouldn't Die." This schizophrenia best describes the bipolar nature of this film. The film opens with an important debate about medical ethics, but the film descends into the realm of unintentional slapstick absurdity.

This Mad Doctor from 1962 is an expert in body transplants. After a successful operation, the Mad Doctor races his sports car. He crashes his car and his girlfriend is decapitated. Using the latest chemicals created with his benson burner, the Mad Doctor salvages the head of his girlfriend.

Realizing that his girlfriend needs a body, the Mad Doctor goes to a strip club in the guise of medical research. The strippers realize that he is a doctor and they wrestle over him. After a literal catfight, the movie shifts focus to the head that wouldn't die and a handicapped scientist. The head and the sickly doctor debate medical ethics.

There is also a monster behind a locked door. In the final minutes, one can see the monster who provides a funny and revolting finale
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