CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Public Domain Horror ~ "The Killer Shrews"

"The Killer Shrews" should be noted for it's historical connection with television. James Best ( Sheriff Roscoe from "The Dukes of Hazzard") is a boat captain who is forced to stay on a creep[y island with Killer Shrews. Dan Curtis (Cletus on "Gunsmoke" and many John Wayne classics) produced this film and assumes 3rd billing as a drunken, coward with a gun. Sidney Lumet's Dad, Barusch Lumet, portrays the mad scientist. The forgettable leading lady is Ingrid Goude, Miss Universe 1957. As for the monster itself, "The Killer Shrews" look like some stuffed animals that Curtis & Best must have had hanging on the walls of their homes. In the wide shot, the dead animal heads are placed on hound dogs, who give chase to the humans.

One can see that his film was inspired by "Key Largo" from 13 years ago. One can see "The Killer Shrews" as inspiration for George Romero's original "Night of the Living Dead." Both "The Killer Shrews" and "Night of the Living Dead' feature claustrophobic horror, scenes of people boarding windows while under assault from a relentless, hungry enemy and a classic fight between a brave man and a coward.
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