CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Imax Hubble won't leave you lost in space...

In the next six months, the Space Shuttle program will be mothballed, almost 30 years to the month since the Space Shuttle Columbia made it's maiden voyage. It was an optimistic time when the Columbia blasted off under the Reagan Administration.

The ingenuity of space exploration has created multi billion dollar industries for the private sector, one such example would be the invention of Velcro. For a generation raised on the computer keyboard, space travel seems to be a byproduct of yesterday or a fictional X Box game.

This weekend, locals can replicate the experience of Space Travel at the Museum of Discovery's IMAX theater with the premier of **Hubble 3 D.** This opening weekend will feature an introduction from FIU Professor of Physics James R. Webb, a lecture on telescopes with the Florida Amateur Astronomer's Association, Broward County FIRST Robotics Demo, a Star Lab and Stomp Rocket Contest at 3:30 PM.

As a 43 minute documentary, **Hubble 3 D** is everything one would expect from an IMAX documentary. Early in the movie we are jarred with the visual spectacle of being in space and looking down upon our home planet. For most of us, this IMAX experience will be the closest one can simulate a space flight. The history of the Hubble Telescope is revealed with a sense of unease; as the shuttle flights lessen, there will be less opportunity to repair the super telescope.

The middle portion of the film focuses upon the final repairs of the Hubble. Unlike the stunning visuals of the opening, this portion reveals more about the daily routines of being a shuttle astronaut. While natural clowns in front of a camera, the astronauts are all business when it comes to the repair of the telescope. With the precision of a surgeon or car mechanic, the Hubble is repaired.

The result is breath taking. The Hubble Space Telescope presents unprecedented views of the cosmos—from the splendor of our celestial neighborhood to galaxies billions of light years away. Match these visuals on the IMAX 5 story screen and one will leave the theater in contemplation about their individual place in the cosmos.

Six years ago, the Museum of Discovery screened **Space Station 3 D,** narrated by Tom Cruise and it was easily the best documentary of that year. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, **Hubble 3 D** is one of the best documentaries of this year.
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