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Jul. 31st, 2010 11:29 am Public Domain Horror The Monster Maker

Character actor J. Carrol Naish is "The Monster Maker," a nasty little scientist who injects his subjects with acromegaly, a disease that destroys one's harmones. His orderly is portrayed by Glenn Strange in a white suit. In "House of Frankenstein," Glenn Strange (as the Frankenstein Monster) threw J. Caroll Naish (as Daniel the Hunchback) out of a glass window. In this movie, Strange and Naish are fiendish friends.

Naish is infatuated with the daughter of a concert pianist, Ralph Morgan. When Morgan tells Naish to leave his little girl alone, the pianist. receives the acromegaly treatment. When the "The Monster Maker" plays out it's 64 minutes, one character faces a final curtain call.

Of note, acromegaly is the same malady that affected character actor Rondo Hatton. For monster mavens across the world, the Rondo Hatton Award is the holy grail of monster achievement.

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