CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Public domain Horror The Vampire Bat

When Cinema Dave interviewed Fay Wray in April 2003, he kicked himself for not asking the actress about her frequent co-star, Lionel Atwill. Given that she informed Cinema Dave that that she did not like being known as a "Scream Queen," it is probably just as well that she did not discuss "Myster at the Wax Museum" and "The Vampire Bat."

Fay Wray is another charming heroinine in "the Vampire Bat," this time she is romanced by Melvin Douglas and is eventually menanced by Lionel Atwill. "The Vampire Bat" also features "Frankenstein" stock players, Lionel Belmore as (what else?) the burgomiesier and Dwight Frye as what else?) as a creepy assitant who frequently makes use of the word, "Blood."

There are some good moments and a forced, but funny running gag involving a hyperchdriac old woman. Being an early talky, the film suffers from static stage direction, so common of the era. However when Fay Wray, Dwight Frye and Lionel Atwill is on the screen, "The Vampire Bat" has some dynamic moments.

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