CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Public Domain Horror "Dead Men Walk"

"Dead Men Walk" stars George Zucco in a dual role as a good and evil twin.
The opening is impressive, an ancient monograph titled "History of Vampires" is tossed in a fire place. A head appears who talks about witchcraft, a reminder of the talking head that introduced 5 of the 6 "Inner Sanctum" movies tarring Lon Chaney Jr.

Lloyd Clayton (Zucco) killed his brother Elwyn (Zucco). A scholar of the dark arts, Elwyn returns from the dead to pester his brother. Dwight Frye is Elwyn's human assitant who has a bit of a hunchback, much like the characters he played in the "Dracula" and "Frankenstein" series from Universal. Halfway through the movie, a Van Helsing inspired character gives the leading lady a cross. The Van Helsing character, named Kate, is a female who sounds like Dana Carvey's "Church Lady."

The firery climax is worth noting. After pinning Dwight Frye under a statue, the Clayton Brothers battle it out. It is a creepy scene enchanced by Frye's screams for his "Master." While Zucco headlines, once again Frye steals the show from the tob billed villain and monster.
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