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Public Domain Horror "The Giant Gila Monster" - CinemaDave

Jul. 19th, 2010 08:30 am Public Domain Horror "The Giant Gila Monster"

Somewhere out west, (perhaps near Yucca Flats?) a Giant Gila Monster is annoying teenagers who like to drag race.The Sheriff is not getting Federal assistance, so it is up to the local community to solve the mystery of "The Gila Monster," At 74 minutes, the pace is as slow as a character's descrption of local yokel's eye witness report about the Giant Gila Monster's attack upon a train. Even the monster moves at a snail's pace.

This flick from 1959 takes one back to the era when a high school dipoloma was the pinacle of education for middle class America. A middle class Amercian Family when a handicapped child is serranded by a greaser who sings Gospel on the banjo. Hot rods were converted model T Fords.

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