CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Four reasons why the month of May will be interesting in 2006

May seems to be the most interesting month for movies
for four reasons;

The entertaining and intelligent "X Men" series will
return in May with a new director, Palm Beach's own
Bret Ratner. The original ensemble cast returns with
new characters, most notably the Beast as portrayed by
former Pompano Beach resident Kelsey Grammer.

Ron Howard directs Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou and Alfred
Molina in Dan Brown's controversial best selling
novel, "The DaVinci Code." Sadly, this film has
already made more money than Ron Howard’s excellent
“Cinderella Man.”

“MI3” or “Mission Impossible Part 3” features
character actor Philip Seymour Hoffman as the master
villain. Gossip has it that in this caper, the
villainous Hoffman forces two gun Tommy Cruise take
his Ritalin. Just a rumor.

While on musical theatre sabbatical, Rob Dawson will
present a three-week free historical presentation
about the history of the American movie musicals
called “May Monday Musicals at the Main Library.”
This lecture and presentation will feature the
cinematic genius of Busby Berkeley, Steven Sondheim
and Rob Fosse.

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