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"Twilight Saga: Eclipse" - CinemaDave

Jul. 2nd, 2010 07:31 am "Twilight Saga: Eclipse"

Yes, I know I wanted to get out of reviewing **The Twilight Sage Eclipse,** but it is now playing at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery IMAX six story Theater. The reviews were better for this film and I thought, “Maybe this will be the best of this teen angst saga.” **Eclipse** is the best of the three movies, which is like choosing a salad dressing arsenic, methane or ammonia seasonings.

There is the love triangle between Bella, Edward the Vampire and Jacob the Were Wolf. There is also a civil war within the vampire community and the werewolves are needed to protect the vegetarian vampires. Yawn.

Once again there are long stretches of ponderous dialogue, followed by poorly directed action scenes that rely on attention deficiet disorder editing and no real stunt work. **E

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