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From the McNalis Roques Gallery ~ The Many Faces of CHE GUEVARA - CinemaDave

Jun. 27th, 2010 07:08 pm From the McNalis Roques Gallery ~ The Many Faces of CHE GUEVARA

The Many Faces of CHE GUEVARA

1. A key figure in deposing the Batista regime.
2. A key figure in the New regime. Appointed Minister of Industry and President of the National
Bank. Unqualified and inept, Che crippled the Cuban economy which resulted in food rationing.
3. Che reassigned. Che the vengeful. Che the butcher. The master of torture and death in the
notorious La Cabana Fortress prison (reminiscent of Batista and Stalin).
4. Inept revolutionary. Led military misadventures in the Congo and Bolivia. Unable to recruit
Latin American peasants for his revolution.
5. The Blown-Away Che. Killed by Bolivians who were not enthused by his effort to share the
benefits of "la revolution".
6. Gay Che: the Red who was also known as Pinkie (with apologies to gay people everywhere).

Principal & lasting international image

1. Chic Che Fashionista. The number one T shirt Rebel Cutie. The James Dean of Revolutionaries. The darling of capitalist merchants who thrive on nit wits who buy the posters and T shirts who have no idea who this cute poster boy really is.

Art Work sculpted by Jim McNalis

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