CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"MacGruber" may be the biggest bomb for the 2010 box office summer

Both "Shrek Forever after" and MacGruber" opened on the same weekend. At the time of it's "MacGruber" ranked higher on the Rotten Tomatoes, but slipped below "Shrek Forever After" a week later. "MacGruber" has become box office poison and is likely to disappear from the theaters after Thursday night.

Some my claim that "MacGruber" has suffered the fate of other failed "Saturday Night Live" featured films about reoccurring characters like Stuart Smalley, Pat and a "Night at Roxbury" characters. Why pay for something that one can see for free.

"MacGruber" is a one joke character that writer/actor Will Forte is trying to expand to a 90 minute movie. As the narrative continues, the title character becomes more unlikeable. By the end of the movie, one does not care about the fate of "MacGruber."
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