CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

After 36 years, turn out the lights - the Monday Night Football parties are over...

It was a big event when Roone Arledge and his team would roll into town.
Sucking up for national media jobs, local newscasters would treat Howard Cosell, Don Meredith
and Frank Gifford as gods. I was too young to catch the glory days when Cosell and Meredith would insult each other, but my older neighbors were always impressed when that good ole country boy
put big mouth Cosell in his place.

My fondest memories evolve around December and the Miami Dolphins. During the 70s and 80s, Don Shula was basically unbeatable and the city of Miami ALWAYS looked glorious. I lived in South Florida and I wanted to move down to South Florida based on what I saw.

Favorite games?
Even though it was a Thursday night special in 1979, the MNF crew presented
Larry Csonka running for 3 touchdowns in a come from behind victory against the New England Patriots. The final score was 39-24.

Even though it was not a Superbowl game, the night Chicago died in 1985 was really clash of the Titans type of game. Dan Marino versus the monsters of midway featuring the Refrigerator. The Dolphin team suffered from injuries and the Bears were undefeated. With Nat Moore, the Marks Brothers, Clayton and Duper, Dan Marino quarterbacked the perfect game in the first half, befuddling the Bears with 31 points.
With members of the undefeated 1972 Dolphins on the sidelines, the Dolphins prevailed 38-21.

Remember when EVERYBODY would talk about the game the day after?
Monday Night Football was no longer a cultural event and became just another football game.
While Monday Night Football outlived it's time,
I wonder what I will watch on Monday nights in the fall, since I do not have cable television.
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