CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Shrek Forever After" IS the Grand Finale!

Shrek Forever After
After attending the Barry Grunow Memorial service at Lake Worth Middle School nine years ago, I met **Shrek.** the film made me feel better about life. Most ticket buyers felt the same way, **Shrek** had become an iconic character, though his films had reached the law of diminishing returns.

Dreamworks has touted **Shrek Forever After** as the last **Shrek** movie. (Don’t fear kiddies, a **Puss in Boots** spin off is in the (Dream)works). While not up to the spontaneous joy of the original, this new **Shrek** is the second best film in the franchise. Given the 3-D effects on the IMAX six storey screen, **Shrek Forever After** closes the door on a positive note.

Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) is suffering from a mid life crisis. While he has achieved domestic tranquility, Shrek has become a public figure and is a shadow of his former ogre. Enter Rumplestilskin (Walt Dohrn), a nasty little man who offers Shrek a temporary escapes from a conventional life.

As we learn in the prologue, Rumplestilskin has a grievance with Shrek. By providing Fiona (Cameron Diaz) her first kiss in the first movie, Shrek prevented Rumplestilskin from the seize the kingdom of Far Far Away from the King (John Cleese) and Queen (Julia Andrews). With Shrek’s ignorant cooperation, Rumplestilskin enacts his revenge and destroys fairy tale world.

Whereas **Shrek the Third** seemed to fear walking on the wild side, this new **Shrek** embraces the darkness of the original. Rumplestilskin dominates **Shrek Forever After,** which is the darkest of the four **Shrek*** movies. He is a funny villain in the same mode of Dr. Evil and Big Boy Caprice, who devils our heroes at every turn.

Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy (as Donkey) and Cameron Diaz end their partnership on a high note, their voices are transcendental. There is a spontaneous feeling in this motion picture that has been missing from Dreamworks animation.

While **How to Train Your Dragon* has more heart, **Shrek Forever After** rousing finale benefits from the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery IMAX screen. Expect to dodge 3-D pumpkin bombs and ducking under the hoofs of runaway horses. Stick around during the closing credits and enjoy one last tango with **Shrek** and his friends.
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