CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Here is the latest in The Jim McNalis series of Dictators.

Old Boca Grande himself. The sculpture captures his (as opposed to his audiences) enthusiasm in imparting wisdom during rambling 8 hour speeches (attendance mandatory and god help you if you leave during this dissemination of drivel).

Since his tiny genitals are not apparent El Mentiroso is presenting his carrot of Libertad and freedom to an enthusiastic Cuba but spin him around and we discover that El Enganoso is actually imposing the hammer and cycle on his island nation.

***Coming soon, the two faces of Che Guevara!
1. Chic Che Fashionista.
The cute James Dean of Revolutionaries; the darling of capitalist merchants who thrive on
nit wits who buy the posters and T shirts who have no idea who this cute poster boy is.

2. The vengeful Che,
master of torture and death in the notorious La Cabana Fortress prison. Gay Che, the Red
who was also known as Pinkie. And the Blown-Away Che. Killed by Bolivians who were not
enthused by his effort to bring them the joy of "la revolution".

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