CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Florida State University represents USA at the Cannes this year!

The 49th Cannes Critics' Week announced its lineup this Monday in Paris. Only one U.S. film was included among the list of the seven feature films selected for this prestigious competition - The Myth of the American Sleepover. The feature was made by a team of Florida State U. filmmakers that included writer-director David Mitchell (MFA '02), producers Adele Romanski (BFA '04), Justin Barber (BFA '03) and Cherie Saulter (BFA '06), editor Julio Perez (MFA ’02) and cinematographer James Laxton (BFA '03). And in front of the camera, Brett Jacobsen (MFA '03) gave a critically praised performance as the character Scott Holland.

The April 19 Variety article about the selections for the 49th Cannes Critics' Week is here: <;cs=1&amp;query=the+49th+cannes+critics> <;cs=1&amp;query=the+49th+cannes+critics>
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