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A Preschoolers introduction to King Kong the Animated Series - CinemaDave

Dec. 24th, 2005 08:11 am A Preschoolers introduction to King Kong the Animated Series

My old eyes saw something they had not seen in 38 years,
the Rankin-Bass Saturday Matinee cartoon,
"King Kong - the Animated Series."
After viewing Volume I of these cartoons,
I see that this cartoon had a profound effect on this youngster.

Kong was a heroic pet of the Bond family.
Professor Bond was an anthropologist with a daughter and a son named Bobby.
The family lived on Mondo Island and bad guys would show up to plan world domination or mess with the environment. King Kong and Bobby would save the day.

One reoccurring villain was Dr. Who, a typical big brained mad scientist with a resemblance to Trotsky and Lenin. Dr. Who became a Asian in the live action spin off movie, "King Kong Escapes."

"King Kong the Animated Series" is worth seeing because it is a time capsule of the preWoodstock Generation influence. There is a nerdy naivete about the Bond Family appears typical of the nuclear family of the 1960s. Yet all is not so swell with this family portrait, where is Mother Bond?

Given the product that animae is producing and George Lucas "Star Wars: Clone Wars" animation, "King Kong the Animated Series" should enjoy a resurrection. Everyone wants to live on their own Mondo island, expecially if we have a protector like King Kong to watch over us.

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