CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Review 2002 "The Time Machine"

Understanding the concept of time can be maddening.  When you are a child, you want to be grown up faster.  When you are a grown-up, you do not want people to know your age.  While box office results have been less than stellar, the motion picture industry has released two motion pictures with 'time" as the theme.

""The Time Machine " is based on  the H.G. Wells classic 19th Century Novel of the same name and was directed by Simon Wells, the grandson of the author.  the realizable Guy Pearce portrays an inventor who after tragedy creates a time machine which allows him to jump through the figure without aging.  At fi8rst, the inventor is pleased with what he witnesses: a cyber librarian (Orlando Jones) and the colonization of the moon.  However, the technology goes unchecked causing society to revert back to a prehistorically time of savage conquest.

The primitives seem to have moved into the sets vacated by last year's "Planet of the Apes" homage.  the conclusion of "The Time Machine" also mimics last year's monkeyshines, the audience witnesses another primitive human society repressed by a punch of hairy simians.  While not a bad motion picture, "The Time Machines" suffers from a feeling of deja vu."
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